Excessive Menstrual Bleeding & Endometrial Ablation

This is a problem that afflicts many millions of women. In its most severe form, the blood loss may be life threatening but in many more cases it causes severe damage to the woman’s quality of life. Affected women may miss work and avoid recreational and social activities because of the heaviness of their periods. Anemia causing fatigue and poor tolerance of exertion may develop.

In the last several years several new methods of treating this problem have become available. Among the most useful is endometrial ablation. In these procedures, theendometrium is destroyed partially or completely by heating. Several methods of heating the tissue are available depending on the individual woman’s situation and anatomy.

All of the methods we use are performed in an ambulatory surgery setting and have minimal post procedure pain and convalescence. Success rates in elimination or greatly reducing menstrual flow exceed 90%.

Proper evaluation is needed before a treatment plan is developed and some conditions prevent the use of these methods. Women who wish to retain their ability to have children are not candidates for the ablation procedures. Other treatment options are available for those women.