Urinary Incontinence

September signals the end of summer. While getting into the swing of a new routine, you may notice some changes in your bladder that can impact your routine. Leaking urine is never normal, but it can become common as we age. Often, this is something that is kept private and not discussed out of embarrassment. At Women’s Care we want you to feel comfortable bringing any of your concerns up to our providers

Monitor to see if leaking occurs with coughing, sneezing, laughing, or lifting – this is called “stress” incontinence. Having leakage with a sudden urge is called “urge” incontinence. There are combinations of the two, and many other urologic conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

Remember to stay hydrated with regular water intake, and avoid caffeine and alcohol intake, as they are significant bladder irritants. It is likely that at some point in your life you have been told to not hold your urine too long, it has some truth to it! Make an effort to not ignore a full bladder, if held repeatedly held too long, this can sometimes lead to weakening of the bladder muscle over time. This can increase the risk of urinary tract infection and kidney damage in extreme cases.

If leakage of urine has become a problem for you, please schedule an appointment to discuss it with one of our providers.