Women’s Care Welcomes Over 600 Babies in 2019

By Susan Pantano, DNP, CNM and Ali Doyle, MD

2019 was a busy year for Women’s Care! We helped to welcome 621 babies into our community. We are most proud of our primary c-section rate of 17%, which is lower than the national primary c-section rate of 21.7%.  We attribute this success to our collaborative model of care that utilizes a team of dedicated midwives and physicians. Within this model of care, 88% of vaginal births were attended by midwives. In those times when a cesarean section or other assistance was needed, a physician was readily available. 

At Women’s Care, midwives and physicians work closely with women to provide the best care possible, always with the primary goal of a healthy mom and a healthy baby. When a woman is in labor she can expect to have clear communication regarding recommendations and the birth process. Shared decision making between the woman, midwife, and physician leads to the best possible outcomes, as well as peace of mind and comfort around the birth process.

When women are in labor, they have a variety of pain control options. Last year, many women chose to give birth without an epidural, instead using the shower, tub, IV medication, aromatherapy, visualization, and hypnotherapy. For those women who wanted an epidural, they were available.  In addition, women were able to choose the position they gave birth in. A full 40% did not have any tears or need any laceration repair from childbirth. We reserved episiotomies for emergent situations. Only 2% of women had an episiotomy last year. 

The physicians and midwives at Women’s Care would like to thank all of the women and families we had the honor and privilege to care for in 2019. We look forward to continuing these relationships in the new decade and beyond.